Thursday, April 30, 2009

Class Attendance

Honeygo Kettlebell classes start next week!

Remember, kettlebells are limited. Unless you are signed up for 10 weeks or more, I'm asking all "drop in" participants who need a kettlebell to email, phone or text message me the day of the class they are planning to attend so I can be sure to have enough kettlebells on hand.

Also, check here if you have any questions about whether or not class is going to be held. I'll only post cancellations in advance or if the weather is questionable. I do not plan on missing a single workout, but in the event I should have to cancel class due to personal reasons, I will make every attempt possible to call each of the students for that day. (If I don't have your phone number, please email it to me).

Friday, April 10, 2009

Honeygo Run Kettlebell Classes

Honeygo Run Park Kettlebell classes will begin on Monday, May 4th!

Same as last year, we'll be meeting on Monday and Wednesday at 6:30pm.

The cost for individual classes is $15 ($12 if you bring your own kettlebell).

Pay in advance cost for 10 weeks once weekly classes is $140/$110. Come to either Monday or Wednesday class.

Pay in advance cost for 10 weeks twice weekly classes is $275/$215. Come to Monday & Wednesday classes.

Pay in advance for the entire summer, May thru September (approx. 22 weeks), once weekly classes is $275/$215 and twice weekly classes is $500/$400.

Pay in advance 10 weeks are for 10 consecutive weeks. Pay in advance for the summer is good for every class held in 2009, once or twice weekly. Rain dates are included. No refunds except for death or dismemberment. Kettlebells are limited, so either bring your own or register early.